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Facts about Vladimir

Location: Moscow, Russia 

Birthday: 16th September 1969 

Position: Business Owner and President of Performia CIS

Interests: Philosophy, Golf, Football, Swimming, Action Movies

Favorite Poet: V. Vysotski

Favorite Author: Mr. Hubbard

Other: I love Children


First of all I am a business owner and I have been operating in the business-world for 20 years. I have been down many avenues and projects during this time. Some of them turned out to be very successful expanding companies.

I consider myself to be a lucky person – I have found a field of business which I enjoy to devote my time and my attention to. Hiring and understanding MAN is such a vast and interesting subject.

I also believe that whatever you do, you should do it as a professional at a very high level, which is only possible if you take on an exact product and if that product is something useful and beneficial for your country and its people.

To achieve something outstanding you need a well coordinated and united team which is devoted to its aim. That’s how we, PERFORMIA CIS, do our business.

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